Welcome, stranger

I’m Helen and I’m just like you.

Explorer of life’s mysteries. Sense-maker of earthly experiences. Translator between the possible and the seemingly impossible. Yearning, falling, failing and getting up again.

Glad to share this world with you. We are more alike than you may think.

P.S. I will post 1-2 times a month. Check back for soulful adventures, crazy sex stories and weird depictions of transpersonal journeys.

What my friends might say about me:

  • Made in Estonia
  • World traveller (before it all shut down)
  • Transpersonal seeker
  • Astro-traveller
  • Shamanistic psychic (talks to trees and spirits)
  • Transformational DJ
  • A dog and a cat person (don’t make me choose)
  • 50/50 on introvert/extrovert scale
  • Kicks off insanely awesome projects (with insanely awesome people)
  • Working on a sci fi book on the origins of gods and dinosaurs