As I pour out my depths into words I feel beautiful, intimate and courageous. As if life itself dances through me, asking for its story to be told. Thoughts and experiences arrive in waves, bringing gifts from the limitless ocean of existence. When we read the words thus written, the proverbial waters of another create ripples in our own, and so we travel, together, back to the ocean.

Identify yourself

‘I’m losing myself,’ I said to the tiny microphone. ‘If there’s no-one around to acknowledge me, does it even matter who I am anymore? Who would even care?’  It was my fourth day without direct human interaction.… Continue reading Identify yourself


As I dozed off on the dusty couch for an afternoon nap, I pondered on the nature of privilege and privacy. The fact that I could arrive in this room to sleep in the middle of the… Continue reading Temporary

Silent affairs

Welcomed my birthday in silence this year. If one could call two dogs pouncing after sleeping ducks – with all the thumps and squeaks and the slap of wings and the paddle of webbed feet – a… Continue reading Silent affairs

Life is time

‘It’s not fair,’ a friend cried into my earbuds. ‘Life’s not fair! Why is life doing this to me?!’ I listened to her breaking voice, my eyes caressing the outlines of the trees in the dusk. She… Continue reading Life is time

My prison break

‘Everything around me solidified,’ I recited my last night’s meditation experience to my mentor. ’It was as if in the entire creation held only me and my bedroom. Nothing else had form, nothing else seemed to exist… Continue reading My prison break

Sleep with love

Yesterday a lady, an esoteric practitioner told me a story about a client who hadn’t been able to sleep for several nights after one session with her. As if some part of the person had become awake… Continue reading Sleep with love

Bad human day

Some days I feel I’m a gift to mankind. Other days I’m not sure if I even exist. Sometimes I’m so loving it’s borderline awkward. Other times you could cry me a river and I couldn’t care… Continue reading Bad human day

Inside job

‘Caress yourself, slowly.  Feel into every piece of you that you love. Perhaps the softness of your hair or the skin on your cheek. Or the feeling of pressure underneath your feet or how gently your tongue… Continue reading Inside job

Death and peace

This year is ending and another one, perhaps an ominous one, is arriving shortly. Last week, I’ve heard so many predictions of doom for the world at large that it’s made my head spin a little. I… Continue reading Death and peace

We all belong

Right before bedtime, I sat down to meditate. The bed was right there, promising a nice long sleep full of pleasant dreams, but I felt restless. As if it wasn’t time yet. As if I had to… Continue reading We all belong

Did I win?

We set out for the race, all three of us on horseback. The finish line was twenty long units away and we were all prepared to grab that trophy. I looked down at the gleaming tack of… Continue reading Did I win?

Weight of ideas

I have one of those over-analyser brains, so I tend to dream a lot.  This time I don’t mean the night-time adventures, even if they are getting increasingly more bizarre. Imagine: last night I got dizzy spinning… Continue reading Weight of ideas

One handed

Last night I only had one hand. It was my right hand, which I kept covered with a red satin glove, glittering all over with tiny sparkling Swarovskis. It was my only hand and I had made… Continue reading One handed

To feel safe

Stay safe. One of the most cruel wishes ever invented for the human soul. Stay safe. Don’t go there, don’t do that, don’t say that, don’t wear that, don’t touch that, don’t have sex, don’t eat that.… Continue reading To feel safe

Embracing death

‘We are gathered here today to mark the passing of Helen. She was born in May, year this-and-that to a young couple barely knowing what they were in for. Helen was a strong and a wilful child… Continue reading Embracing death

It’s a string

I’m enjoying myself immensely in this dream. With a merry-band-of-misfits we laugh and joke and adventure until nature calls, and I need to excuse myself from the sweet band of companions I can no longer recall. I… Continue reading It’s a string

Limits of Love

Ever since I wrote about Love, I’ve considered the subject to be unyielding, limitless and infinite. I’ve felt it in the pebbles on the shore, in the relentless rush of a summer highway, in the songful forest… Continue reading Limits of Love

One task

Last night I dreamed. I was in a large workshop space, light wooden floors, colourful textiles with inspiring quotes on the walls. A circle of people, including myself, sitting on sturdy pillows. A teacher standing in the… Continue reading One task

Imagine sex

Parts of me are shaking as I start this piece. Feels like the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever written, while also being seriously crooked, bumpy and weird. Much like the process of sexual awakening itself. First, a… Continue reading Imagine sex


Looking at the women in our dance circle, I took a slightly trembling bow to signal my willingness to embody a Goddess for them. A little nervous, I set my intention to simply hold witness to the… Continue reading Death-bringer

What is love?

On a chilly November morning in 2012, I was sitting silently on the floor of a cozy attic. The rain rattled on the windows, offering a steady melodic backdrop to our self-awareness training. Mindfulness is all the… Continue reading What is love?

It is our light

The new moon just passed, reminding me of the practise I adopted a few months ago. One thought, one action, one moon. Little by little, this practice has changed my life with each cycle.  It’s quite simple.… Continue reading It is our light


She stepped up to the podium. The woman who had agreed to dance my dance. To mirror my truth and help me see myself more clearly. She took a breath, a bow. Her hands moved… then her head.… Continue reading Forgiven

The void in us

Have you met the place inside you that stays empty, no matter what you try?The place that’s always uncomfortable and home to a selection of various fears? I call it the void inside me. The crater that… Continue reading The void in us

Believing God

God had an odd place in my upbringing. Something each of us thought about, but rarely mentioned. I grew up on Christian fairy tales about the Man who lived in Heaven, who created the World and all… Continue reading Believing God

Making peace

All children want to live in a peaceful world. I know I did.  Throughout my life I’ve been grateful for that. I’ve even felt guilty for the privilege. Not every child in this world is as lucky… Continue reading Making peace