Death and peace

This year is ending and another one, perhaps an ominous one, is arriving shortly. Last week, I’ve heard so many predictions of doom for the world at large that it’s made my head spin a little. I agree with some of it. As always, there will be changes. Both for better and for worse.

Personally it feels a bit like that R.E.M. song. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

When I sense into the next year, I see more things we thought were solid vanishing in front of our eyes. We’ll be faced with uncertainty, with anger, with loss. We won’t like it.

My mind renders a vision of a mountain top and a small human standing on the ledge, knowing that the way back has been swept by the wind and the fire. The only way forward is to fall or learn to fly. The air around the small figure is thick with the possibility, even likelihood of death. Regardless, the way forward is set.

Survive or perish, we all take that step.

If death comes next year, is there anything left undone? Left unsaid?

Everything that is, dies. 
Each day we see the deaths of ideas, of relationships, of concepts, structures and systems. Anything that exists, even in our imagination, can stop. Our rights. The systems that support us. The trees, the birds and the bees. It’s inevitable and beautiful. 

This past year I’ve learned to witness the deaths and dangers, fights and conflicts that relentlessly pummel the door of my conscious mind. I’ve seen how I’ve always had full responsibility in choosing my reaction and how each of my choices kickstart a thousand dominoes worth of consequences.

That part is also inevitable, also beautiful.

I’ve discovered a place in myself, the space I fancifully call the Well of Peace. Where all paradoxes are resolved into truths and all conflicts are seen for what they are – desperate moves to protect something or other from the inevitable and the beautiful.

In that inner queendom of peace, I feel infinite access to acceptance, allowance, appreciation and love of everything that I get to experience in this lifetime (including all those deaths).

My fears dissolve into the inevitable and the beautiful. Change and death are both perceived like water that never stays the same, like fire that burns until there is no more, like the dance of the travelling wind or the spin of the Earth that goes through her seasons.

From that place, I wish to make an offering of a simple practise.

  • Sit comfortably or lay down
  • Close your eyes, feel the peace and calm deep inside your pulsing heart-space
  • Notice how your heart connects with the Earth and the Cosmos
  • Witness the golden shine that radiates from the edges of your experience 
  • Feel your troubles melt away

Do it for 30 seconds, 30 minutes, or 24/7. The space you enter is timeless. Switch positions for maximum comfort. The only thing that matters is how you feel in your own body, how you notice your own peace.


For the New Year the 2022, I’ll embody a wish for all the people that know Love. 

May we hold sacred the space of inner peace and beauty.
May we face our twists and turns and deaths with grace and gratitude. 
May we shine our own light and lend our light to others in need.
May we radiate uncompromising peace and love in this lifetime.
May we be one.

Thank you for sharing this planet with me.

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