To feel safe

Stay safe. One of the most cruel wishes ever invented for the human soul.Stay safe. Don't go there, don't do that, don't say that, don't wear that, don't touch that, don't have sex, don't eat that. Don't live. Just don't. Stay safe.Safe from what?From change! From the unpleasant possibilities! The inconveniences of illness, heartbreak, misunderstanding,… Continue reading To feel safe

Limits of Love

Ever since I wrote about Love, I’ve considered the subject to be unyielding, limitless and infinite. I’ve felt it in the pebbles on the shore, in the relentless rush of a summer highway, in the songful forest breeze and in a bustling market full of fresh berries and hopeful tradesmen. Love is everywhere. Everything that… Continue reading Limits of Love

Origins of anger (two)

Before you continue, read this part first. Standing in a simple whitewashed chapel, I have the body of a teenage girl. Fourteen, perhaps fifteen. I feel (or she feels) cornered, contained, humiliated. Tears are streaming down our face as we clench in mad rage. It’s not fair! The scream echoes in our head as the… Continue reading Origins of anger (two)